Professional assembling


High warehouses

Shelving units for lighting accessories, i.e. trusses

Long shelving units


Exhibition doors

Ticket boxes as well as partitions and gates at ticket boxes

Assembly of roofing for shelving units

Montaż i demontaż reklam zawieszanych oraz listew cenowych

As­sem­bly and dis­as­sem­bly of sus­pended ad­ver­tise­ments and price strips

Disassembly of shelving units and moving warehouses and shops

Inspection of storage shelving units and ticket boxes, their repairs and servicing



Planning, creating templates, documentation and CAD designs
Vast array of products: presenters, exposition pedestals, hooks, holders, racks, displays, door frames, supports, shields, stairs, metal protections, custom made structures and individual elements

Operating area

History and experience of the company


While searching for contractors who would guarantee products with the best properties, constant parameters and reliable durability, we encountered many difficulties. However, as a result – these obstacles resulted in the launch of our own machine park and the production of steel elements that are defined directly by our contractors.


We operate throughout Europe and Asia, especially in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland, Hungary and Italy.

We specialize in the assembly of all types of shelving systems and storage structures. We offer services in the field of finishing display shelves. Using wood and metal, we are able to successfully adapt shelving systems to the individual needs of customers or for the presentation of different types of products. Existing know-how allows us to meet the expectations of the demanding business environment. Our clientele includes both individual customers and leading chains of large self-service markets.


We have gained our experience since 2000. Organizational changes and tasks realized during these 15 years have allowed us to gain experience which we use in realization of increasingly bigger and more complex projects.

The company commenced its development from realization of carpentry and assembly orders in large surface markets in Europe.


In 2002 we finalized construction of merchandizing services department construction.


In 2003 we commenced realization of first projects in Russia. Next year we obtained first orders from China.


In 2009 we developed the area of production and delivery of metal elements for network of construction markets.


Our objectives

Profesjonalizm i odpowiedzialność

Professionalism and reliability

Pewność wysokiej jakościowo i terminowej realizacji kontraktów

Assurance of high quality and punctuality of contract realization

Ciągłe podnoszenie kwalifikacji

Constant improvement of qualifications

Elastyczność i mobilność, którą gwarantuje nam stały zespół ludzi i własna flota pojazdów

Flexibility and mobility guaranteed by solid team of people and own vehicle fleet

Bezpieczeństwo klienta i pracowników

Safety of the customer and employees


SIGMA Service Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

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tel.: +48 76 744 27 67/68
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